Hello there, Boos!

Who am I?

My name is Fay and I’m a 29 years-old Malaysian Chinese living in Malaysia.

The challenging thing about being a Malaysian Chinese is that not only am I an awkward introvert surrounded by a family of extroverts and doers; I’m also a plus-size girl surrounded by petite and surprisingly thin men and women.

What will I be doing here?

This may look like a lifestyle blog, but really, it’s more of a motivational blog for me as I take every day a step at a time.

I will be posting irregularly about once or twice a week for now as I slowly get into blogging. The things I will be focusing on are:

  • Healthy Curves: Basically fitness and health. I used to be all about the general plus-size body positive movement but as I grow older, I realize that it’s also about being healthy and loving your body in its best state. I might be new to fitness (started seriously working out: 04/05/2016) but I definitely feel much healthier and love myself much better now.
  • Healthy Eating: I love to eat. Mostly the bad stuff. So I’m going to try and change how I eat to improve my lifestyle. Be warned though, I’m hardly the gourmet foodie. I much prefer simple and easy-to-make snacks.
  • Sensible Fashion: I live in a conservative country where, in some states, women are required to fully cover their body. I hardly see women around me dressed up to the sixes unless there was a party or event they had to get to. Not only that, who wants to sport sweaty armpit stains in such a hot and humid country? Get real.
  • Simple Lifestyle: I’m a simple woman of simple interests and simple life. But there are times when a simple woman needs to face difficult challenges to navigate that simplicity. So when I do something out of the ordinary, I’d like to share them with you.